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Starting a business can be terrifying.  There are no guaranteed paychecks.  You have to sell things and a lot of people hate to sell.  You must make yourself visible and put your voice out into the world.  It's important to become comfortable talking about yourself and you must become a prolific creator.  This is a tall order which is why a lot of people won't do it and such a high percentage of those that do attempt it fail within the first year.

One of the main reasons that keeps me motivated to move forward despite my fears is the fact that I have the privilege to have the opportunity to do something great with my life.

Most people in the world live in countries with wide spread poverty and no opportunities to develop their God given talents.  They are just as smart as us, just as capable, just as hungry to learn, grow and express themselves in life but there are no companies hiring in their rural eastern European, Asian or African town.  They literally have to move to a different country to find work and making that journey requires the tenacity of a mountain climber on Everest.  It is NOT easy.

So here we are, Americans making more money and living in more comfort than most of the other human beings on the planet.  What are we going to do with this opportunity?

I have chosen to make the most out of the privilege I was born into.  This is what I am mustering up the courage to do:

  • Following my heart and my dreams and getting clear on what a joyful and exhilarating life looks like for me
  • Starting a business with no security and high risk because I am listening to the incessant presence of my soul's calling
  • Choosing a business that will positively affect the world and as many humans as I can possibly manage
  • Ensuring to put myself in a financial position that will allow me to contribute to others with fewer opportunities from a place of overflow and abundance
  • Bringing up as many women as I can as I rise Doing things that scare me as often as possible so that I can grow
  • Counting my blessings and staying grateful daily

Not everyone is called to start a business but everyone is called to do something that delights and thrills them in life.  Isn't the Universe wonderful?!?!?!?

The best way to contribute to the world is by being your best self and the Universe directs you to your soul's calling, your soul purpose by leading you down a trail of joy!  How cool is that?  All you have to do is use your curiosity and follow your inklings of joy in order to step onto the path of your soul's purpose.

Unfortunately many of us find that there are big fears in the way.  As a spiritual teacher and energy healer I am using my spiritual tools daily to manage my fears and continue to take action.  I'd love to share with you how I do this.  Please join me in my “Love Your Fears” Masterclass.