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I love entrepreneurship!  I come from a family of entrepreneurs and it runs through my veins. I've studied entrepreneurship for years and am just starting my third attempt at business. I feel more prepared than ever yet it's still a scary leap.


I remember being 13 years old a deciding that I never wanted a job that depended on how my personality was coming across to others that day (i.e. any sales job). I watched my mother in real estate and she was very successful. I'm not sure what motivated me to make that conclusion but it stuck with me. This was not a good premise for an entrepreneur!

Now, many decades later, I'm dismantling old beliefs that keep me stuck in fear. Today is the time for the female entrepreneur (read this article:  https://blog.usejournal.com/the-silent-rise-of-the-female-drive-economy-cdc0bc0f2b5?source=linkShare-27b400312928-1509796509).  I'm ready, a little scared and incredibly motivated.

Watch this blog as I document my journey.