Gain clarity and grow stronger through major life changes.
Whether it's a career change or a major relationship change,
I can get you through it.
You'll love the woman you've become in the process.
Own your spiritual power

“Hi, I'm Wendy

I teach accomplished women on their spiritual path how to harness their spiritual power to create a life they love. I'm most effective helping women through career transitions and relationship transitions.

If you desire to:

  • Connect powerfully to your inner guidance
  • Heal emotional wounds

    Release self sabotaging patterns

  • Know your soul
  • Be your most authentic & powerful self
  • Build resilience & inner strength
  • Receive divine guidance

    and radiate JOY

Then you have come to the right place!

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Meditating with a group is more powerful

free & live guided meditations

where are you on your spiritual path?

spiritual beginner

Are you just getting started on your spiritual path?  You've been hearing about 'mindfulness' & meditation and you are curious about how to get started?



Life is starting to feel a little uncomfortable.  You are changing but no one else that is close to you is doing the same.  Learn to navigate the transition.



It's time to manifest!  Start playing with your  spiritual power and manifest your desires into your life.


spiritual seeker

Are you consuming all of the information you can find in books and on the internet?  Are you looking to find the teachings that feel right to you?  Explore resources that help you find your path.



You are mastering your emotions, releasing judgement and practicing forgiveness.  You have made friends with reality and are choosing ease.



You are now your own guru.  You are taking a break from seeking as you've found the answers to many of life's questions.  It's time to share your knowledge with the world.


spiritual practitioner

You've been studying a while and now you are putting your spiritual lessons to practice in your life. Implement practical spiritual techniques and begin to exercise your spiritual power.



You have transitioned from victim to victor!  You are feeling your power and are ready to conquer the world.



The journey of learning never ends and enlightment is earthbound nirvana.  Is enlightenment attainable?  What will be your path?


Courses & Programs

Truly understanding our spiritual nature as human beings and working with spirit through direct communication and energy work has been the single most impactful aspect of my life for nearly three decades.

Spirituality is part of the new feminine power that is spreading across the globe right now.  Are you joining the wave?

If you are eager to explore just how truly powerful you can be working with your innate spiritual nature, join me for my FREE EVENTS as part of my Facebook community and take a look at the additional programs and services available to you below.

the miracle makers™

In this group program you identify a courageous desire that you have been afraid to claim and you work with the tools that I share with you to make it happen in just 8 weeks with support.  Can you hear the cheering?!?!?!?

Your Soul's purpose

If you have ever wondered, “Why are we here? What is my purpose in life?” then this course is for you.  We explore the meaning of life from a spiritual perspective then dive in to rediscover your individual life purpose.

Know your soul's purpose and begin to live it!

Spirituality is the new power

There is an entire universe in the spirit realm and energy is the stuff it is made of.  Take an epic journey with me to the spiritual realms, including planet earth and learn to become an energy master.

Harness your spiritual power

1:1 mentorship

One-to-one mentoring allows us to create a more intimate relationship where we jump in and you start the journey of knowing yourself at a deep level.  A level where your God given joy and power resides.  I’ll be your guide through the process of rediscovering who you truly are and creating the life of your dreams.

A revolutionary transformation to power

The Spiritually Powerful Tribe

Join the Tribe of women owning their power

receive inspiration, participate in events and connect with others on the path