The Spiritual Path

The Phases of the Spiritual Journey

The Journey

My mother was pregnant with me when she was baptised into her newly found faith.  I was on stage at her church at the tender age of four and when I was 12 I remember listening to a very special leader speak about christ's sacrifice and being moved to tears.  Spirituality has always been a part of my life (even when I didn't think it was) but I didn't start down my personal spiritual path with earnest until my mid twenties.

It was then that I shed the religious upbringing of my childhood and began to find my own way, to seek out a personal spirituality that resonated deeply within me and answered all of my burning questions about life.

I've been through it all including devouring as much information as time would allow, finding teachers along the way, disillusionment with a guru, the “dark night of the soul“, becoming angry at God for the first and only time (which makes me laugh now), healing my old programming and finally coming to a place of peace in life that prompted me to begin sharing what I know so that others can reduce their suffering in reaction to whatever life throws at them.

Explore this page and see if you can recognize where you are on your spiritual path.

1 - beginner

Somthing has prompted you to seek answers.  Maybe you've been through a bad breakup . . . again and want to change this pattern.  Maybe you just have a feeling there is something more in life and you want to explore it.  Maybe you've been taking yoga classes or have been introduced to a mindfulness practice and you want to deepen your experience.

Whatever it is that has motived you, you want more information.  The hallmark of this stage is consumption.  You read anything you can get your hands on and are open to exploration.

At this stage I recommend the following.


  • Learn to meditate!  This is the single most important foundational skill for spiritual development.  Join my free & live guided meditations here to start your foundational spiritual practice.
  • If you are curious, follow that divine signal and learn about what makes you curious even if you don't feel like it's the right thing for you.  Exposure is most important now and this exploration will lead you to crystal clarity on your personal spiritual path.
2 - Seeker

Exposure and experimentation is the name of the game.  When you have read as many books and blog posts as you can it's time to join the land of the living and begin to take workshops and experimenting with what you have learned.

Have you met other spiritual seekers in person at a live event or workshop?  Have you found your tribe?  Have you found some answers to life's questions?  What spiritual teachings are most appealing to you?  What feels right?  What resonates as true?

Keep researching and following your curiosity and most importantly start interacting with others and begin practicing what you are learning.


3 - Practitioner

You found your sweet spot!!!  Congratulations.

After quite a long time of consuming information, learning about different approaches to spirit and trying them on for size you are ready to begin creating a personal spiritual practice.

Now is the time to create new behaviors, new ways of thinking and new ways of responding to the world.  Life begins to feel exciting and take on a new color for you.  This is a time of expansion and redefining your priorities in life.

Who are you becoming?

This is also a good time to find a teacher that you would like to invest time with. Because you are evolving, it is critical to surround yourself with people that support the person you are growing into not the person you are growing out of.


  • Find your teachers.  Watch their videos, read their books, take their courses and join their retreats to support the woman you are becoming.
  • Practice, practice, practice, practice.   There is no such thing as failure.  There is only practice, experimentation and learning.
  • Explore what I have to offer if my approach resonates with you.
4 - Resistance

This is where things start getting tough.  You are so happy cleaning your chakras, going to yoga, meditating and pursuing enlightenment and all of your old friends think you are totally crazy!  You find yourself thinking judgemental thoughts about . . . well, everyone and you lament that no one you are close to ‘gets it'.

Everyone finds themselves in this place if they are serious about their personal and spiritual growth.  Anyone pursuing their highest potential will run into this problem.  So what do you do?

It's time to put your big girl pants on and start making some changes.


  • Stop judging other people (and yourself for that matter)!  This is not helping and it is not spiritual.  It is however very, very human.  So what do you do instead?  Embrace the spiritual virtues of equanimity, acceptance (of reality), and most of all step into radical compassion!  There is nothing more powerful than radical compassion and it removes the focus off of how wrong someone is to how much you love them unconditionally.
  • Love yourself enough to carefully choose who you spend time with.  Support your growth by surrounding yourself with people that will help elevate you to the next level and raise your vibration.
5 - Acceptance
You are now feeling like a zen master.  You have weathered the storms of change in your life.  You have let go of some relationships and embraced and healed others.  You are steadfast in your spiritual practice and you are gaining wisdom.

Well done young grasshopper.

Now, do the laundry.

Even after we feel we have stepped up to a new level of spiritual consciousness we still live in the material world and must live life as it is.   This means releasing judgement, developing compassion, embodying love and practicing forgiveness.


  • Practice forgiveness
  • Practice the Buddhist loving kindness meditation
  • Release judgements of yourself and others
  • Accept reality as it comes without reaction and choose your response according to your spiritual wisdom
  • You got this!  Life is so much easier this way


6 - empowerment

You have embraced the spiritual values of radical love and radical compassion.  You are living life everyday with radical gratitude.  You are starting to see the transformation as your ability to manifest is kicking into high gear.

You are begin the shift from student to master and you feel powerful.


It's time to make an impact on the world around you.  Let's make the world a better place by being the kind of people we wish the world was filled with.

Are you doing your part to spread kindness and joy?  Make someone's day with a random act of kindness.

Need inspiration on what to do?  Follow these links:

7 - Magic
When you commit to your spiritual path and start practicing the spiritual principles you learn something magical happens.  You gain the ability to manifest.

I'm not talking about being a magician and manifesting an apple as it materializes into the palm of your hand star-trek-transporter-style (although for some this is possible).  I'm talking about setting an intension, using your spiritual tools and then having it magically show up in your life.

All of the sudden your life is full of synchronicities and coincidences and it feels like there is magic in the air.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to begin to experience the spiritual magic that is possible on your journey.  If this is where you find yourself on your spiritual path, enjoy the ride, say thank you and ask for more and manifest your heart's desires.

8 - Mastery

When you are at mastery you have the feeling that you no longer need to consume information.  The time has come to share all that you know.

What is calling you?  Are you ready to step fully into your soul's purpose?  Are you living your soul's mission in life?

If you are ready to take that leap you may want to join us here:

After this program if you want support taking massive action you may want to join us here:

Whatever you decide to do, spread the light.

9 - Enlightenment

I'm always skeptical when someone claims they have achieved enlightenment.  Even the Dalai Lama doesn't make this claim!

However, I realize that there are many different definitions of enlightment and we don't all mean the same thing when we use the word.

What does enlightment mean to you?

For me, when a person is truly enlightened in the spiritual sense of the word as a level of attainment, it means that the person no longer experiences the world as most of humanity experiences the world.  They have freed themselves from human suffering and gained complete authority of the “collective body consciousness” also referred to as the ego.

A truly enlightened person no longer thinks from the consciousness of the human animal body with its needs and focus on survival.  Instead, this person has elevated their consciousness so thoroughly that they think as a totally spiritual being without concerns relating to being physical.  This is why most truly enlightened beings don't call themselves enlightened and don't tell other people.  They have zero need to be seen and known in that way.  They have transcended common human desires.  They simply do the work of bringing in higher and higher levels of light and energy into the world to elevate the consciousness of all.