beautiful life mapping session

In one hour gain crystal clear clarity about exact details of what a life you dream about
the exact details of your dream life and how to get it.

Interested in what I have to offer?  Try one of my introductory sessions to find out if we would enjoy working together.  Here is what others say after working with me: 

Siri Wieringa
I felt a jolt of lightning when I stumbled across Wendy C Williams offer of doing a “Meet Your Soul – Access Spiritual Power” session, and knew that is what I needed. It was so amazing! I was able to actually get in touch with and FEEL my true soul, and declare the things I am finally READY to let go of (i.e. Fear, Depression, Doubt..) so that my souls energy can fill that void and I can feel that strength all the time… she is so nurturing in this process, and helps us to feel our true self, and learn tools to help connect this physical body to our spirit. I slept like a rock last night, and today have a new found sense of strength, confidence, and ease with the experiences and interactions in front of me. If any of you are feeling like you are ready to feel the true strength that you have in your soul, I'd connect with Wendy! ?❤✨

FREE Discovery call

Let's chat for FREE about what you would like to change in your life.  Are you finally ready to pursue your dream career, entrepreneurship or make a change in your relationship situation?  Become powerful in the process of change.  Book a session here:


Meet your soul session

I connect with your higher self, tell you what I see and its meaning, then I connect you directly with your soul, bring its energy into your body and facilitate a direct communication. You get to feel your Spiritual Power.

Energy reading& Healing

 Clean your chakras and your aura and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed.  Lift the weight of excess energy off of your shoulders and discover what is possible with a clearer sense of self.  Book your healing session today by clicking the button.

beautiful Life Mapping

Calling all Spiritual Seekers!  If you've read all of the books, listen to Deepak Chopra, love Marianne Williamson and hang on every word from Oprah Winfrey you are in the right place!

I work with accomplished women that are also spiritual seekers in a single 60-90 minute session to identify exactly what you want out of life (and I don't mean having a 6-figure job with a 5 bedroom house and 2.5 kids.  I mean we dig in and find what makes your heart sing, what brings you true joy, what would create a feeling of awe in your life) and what must happen to get it.  Each session is custom and individual to you, your desires, your dreams and your personal definition of success.

We also explore why you don't have it now and what can be done to ensure you get it!

Leave the session with a documented plan for your beautiful life!

At the end of the session I will invite you to consider working with me to get the support and guidance you need to make this juicy life a reality.  If this sounds good to you, schedule an appointment today!

1 to 1 Mentoring

custom personal mentoring

There is only one of you and there will only ever be one of you through all of human history past and future.  Your life is precious and has purpose.  Your soul has a calling and it has been whispering to you your entire life.

You know there's something more to life and you've been studying and reading and exploring your spirituality looking for meaning.  Looking for that thing that will unleash the joy, passion, contentment and meaning you have been seeking.

I'll be your guide on your spiritual journey to a life filled with joy, ease, wisdom and meaning.

The mentoring programs come in various sizes.  You decide which program is right for you and if we agree that the relationship is the right fit for both of us, we jump in and you start the journey of knowing yourself at a level you never thought possible.  A level whereing your God given joy and power resides.  I'll be your guide through the process of rediscovering who you truly are and creating the life of your dreams.