I will personally mentor you on how to develop your spiritual power so that you can create less stress in life, heal emotional pain, master your mind, and manifest more love, success and joy like the goddess you truly are.

You may have read a lot of books and watched many videos on youtube but you still haven't committed to a personal spiritual practice.  You know it feels good to meditate but you just can't find the time and your mind is still spinning all night thinking about what happened at work and what you have to take care of at home.  I understand, I've been there working my way up the corporate ladder and burning myself out in the process.

The truth is that no one taught us how to deal with stress, heartbreak and the trauma that life can deal out.  Often when we try new things like mindfulness, it feels good when we are doing it in a class but alone it's not as effective and you secretly wonder if focusing on your breathing is doing anything at all.

What I want to tell you is that my spiritual life, understanding my spiritual anatomy and working with energy has been the single most impactful factor in my success in lifeI use my spiritual tools everyday and it has changed how I behave and the choices I make.  It helps me cultivate a powerful presence in a room full of people and handle life's crises with aplomb and true resilience.  It has given me access to my most powerful self and built up my courage to create my most joyful life.

I want the same for you.

It's time that you understand just how powerful you are and begin to exercise that power.  The world needs you and we need you as your best self.  I intend to guide you to unleashing your best self and cheer you on as you step into your power.

Are you ready to step into your power and create a life you love?

Then let me introduce you to the mentoring program and how it works.

Wendy really helped shine light into my life. When I first spoke with her, I was in a hopeless and depressing place. I was scared for so long but she helped me find strength that came from within me, and guided me in a very loving and accepting way. Although our conversations were over the phone, she was fully attentive and supportive every step of the way. She created a safe environment for me to open up.  After multiple sessions with Wendy, I felt the lightness of my heart and for the first time in a very long time, I felt like I can choose to enjoy life again.

She reminded me to be kind to myself and to love myself. She taught me to shift my mind to focus on gratitude, being kind, and finding more of what makes me truly happy. I am truly grateful that God/Universe brought Wendy into my life. Life can feel overwhelming at times, but knowing that there is someone like Wendy who is kind, loving, warm, and accepting, allows me to feel peace inside.

I’m looking forward to learning from her and attending her classes in the future.

Priscilla Nichols

there are two paths:

Custom and Predefined


Custom mentoring programs are specifically designed to refine your Beautiful Life Map, create a plan for implementing each aspect into your life according to your personal priorities and watch your life become magic.

You get my full attention every week during our sessions and unlimited access to messaging me on my client platform.

You will:

  • Achieve mental clarity about your life
  • Connect powerfully with your inner guidance
  • Know your next steps in life
  • Master your thoughts
  • Shift your emotions at will
  • Know your soul
  • Overcome mental emotional blocks to taking action
  • Experience your personal power
  • Reshape your life for increased joy, peace & meaning


Predefined mentoring programs follow a specific process in a specific order for the purpose of developing your spiritual power.

You get my full attention every week during our sessions and unlimited access to messaging me on my client platform.

You will also:

  • Uncover the most powerful version of yourself
  • Experience physical sensitivity to divine energy
  • Expand your intuitive abilities
  • Learn to connect with divine beings
  • Understand the difference between your thoughts and divine messages
  • Build inner strenght and will power
  • Raise your vibration
  • Own your spiritual power and more

outline of the predefined program

  1. Develop a personal spiritual practice
  2. Understand your spiritual anatomy (way beyond the 7 chakras)
  3. Learn to achieve mental mastery
  4. Learn to achieve emotional mastery
  5. Learn how to work with energy in your spiritual anatomy
  6. Speak the language of spirit and master receiving information
  7. Meet your spiritual leadership team
  8. Learn energy healing to eliminate blockages
  9. Put your spiritual consciousness in the lead over the ego 
  10. Protect and maintain your energy systems
  11. Master fear with your energetic tools
  12. Manifest like a pro using advanced spiritual tools

options for both programs

 For both the custom and the predefined mentoring programs you have your choice of program length.

Both programs start with a Beautiful Life Planning Session.


Please review the tables below for the investments for mentoring.



6 Months of Premier mentoring
  • +Payment plan:
  • +$2,500 p/month for 6 months
  • +$15,000 total
12 months of Premier Mentoring
  • +Payment plan:
  • +$2,050 p/month for 11 months with a $2,450 1st month payment (**referred to as a trial payment during the purchasing process)
  • +$25,000 total

What Others Are Saying

“. . . While enrolled in Wendy’s class I became clear on my soul’s purpose to begin healing others.  My intuitive abilities began increasing at a dramatic rate and I was able to connect with an ascended master that I have formed a close working relationship with...

- Angeline Johnson

what others are saying

"My experience in Wendy's workshop was beyond amazing. I actually for the first time saw energy flowing from another person's body. I was thinking,  "Is this actually happening?"   I looked away and looked back and it [the energy] was still there.  She provides a safe and energetic space to work in. I highly recommend her workshops and teachings."

- Pam Nichols, Encaustic Artist,

What others are saying

I learned what my gifts are and how to develop them . . . [I am] more self-confident, grounded & centered. I am happier with who I am . . . I am enjoying the journey

-Tania Taffs

What Others Are Saying

“I am aware of more than I gave myself credit for. I can hold my own in big energy spaces.

- Michelle Hawkins, LAc

What Others Are Saying

“. . . You have opened my eyes and my mind . . . and enlightened me as to gifts I was unaware of . . . because of my participation in this class I am more grounded, living in greater balance and significantly more aware of my impact on others

- L.H. - Portland, OR

knowing what truly makes you happy is priceless

Beautiful life mapping


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