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“Hi, I'm Wendy”

I teach accomplished women on their spiritual path how to harness their spiritual power to create a life they love. I'm most effective helping women through career transitions and relationship transitions.

If you desire to:

  • Connect powerfully to your inner guidance
  • Heal emotional wounds

    Release self sabotaging patterns

  • Know your soul
  • Be your most authentic & powerful self
  • Build resilience & inner strength
  • Receive divine guidance

    and radiate JOY

Then you have come to the right place!

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Meditating with a group is more powerful

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Courses & Programs

Truly understanding our spiritual nature as human beings and working with spirit through direct communication and energy work has been the single most impactful aspect of my life for nearly three decades.

Spirituality is part of the new feminine power that is spreading across the globe right now.  Are you joining the wave?

If you are eager to explore just how truly powerful you can be working with your innate spiritual nature, join me for my FREE EVENTS as part of my Facebook community and take a look at the additional programs and services available to you below.

1:1 mentorship

One-to-one mentoring allows us to create a more intimate relationship where we jump in and you start the journey of knowing yourself at a deep level.  A level where your God given joy and power resides.  I’ll be your guide through the process of rediscovering who you truly are and creating the life of your dreams.

A revolutionary transformation to power

What Others Are Saying

“. . . While enrolled in Wendy’s class I became clear on my soul’s purpose to begin healing others.  My intuitive abilities began increasing at a dramatic rate and I was able to connect with an ascended master that I have formed a close working relationship with...

- Angeline Johnson

what others are saying

"My experience in Wendy's workshop was beyond amazing. I actually for the first time saw energy flowing from another person's body. I was thinking,  "Is this actually happening?"   I looked away and looked back and it [the energy] was still there.  She provides a safe and energetic space to work in. I highly recommend her workshops and teachings."

- Pam Nichols, Encaustic Artist,

What others are saying

I learned what my gifts are and how to develop them . . . [I am] more self-confident, grounded & centered. I am happier with who I am . . . I am enjoying the journey

-Tania Taffs

What Others Are Saying

“I am aware of more than I gave myself credit for. I can hold my own in big energy spaces.

- Michelle Hawkins, LAc

What Others Are Saying

“. . . You have opened my eyes and my mind . . . and enlightened me as to gifts I was unaware of . . . because of my participation in this class I am more grounded, living in greater balance and significantly more aware of my impact on others

- L.H. - Portland, OR